Enrolling your child at St. Joseph's School Renmark

Information about enrolling your child/ren at St. Joseph’s school can be obtained by clicking on the "Enrolment Enquiry" link  and filling in the on line form.

The age of compulsory school attendance is six years. Children may be enrolled at St. Joseph’s School prior to this to begin reception.

Forms for enrolment can be downloaded from this website or obtained from the school.

Once enrolment forms have been filled in, all parents seeking an enrolment for their child are required to attend an interview with the School Principal near the enrolment date.

If both parents and the principal are satisfied that St. Joseph’s school best suits the needs of the child/ children and there are vacancies available, families will be notified in writing of an "enrolment offer".
As a Catholic School, we are obliged to do our best to make provision for the enrolment and education of all Catholic children who apply for admittance.
Our school is open to children of other Christian denominations if positions are available. Preference is given to families who practice their faith. Parents in this category will be asked to present a reference from their Pastor.

The following is the Policy whereby entry is gained to our School:  

First Priority: -             Students who are Catholic and whose families are active in the Parish. 
Second Priority: -       Other Catholic students and students who have a  Catholic parent or a transfer from a Catholic School. 
Third Priority: -            Students whose families are active in other churches.
Fourth Priority: -          Other students.

 1 Student Letter.pdf
 2 Student Application form.pdf
 3 Parent information booklet.pdf

Mid Year Enrolments

All children who turn five between May 1 and October 31st will be eligible to start in Term 3 of that year but children who turn five after that date will have to wait until the following year to start their schooling.


St. Joseph's School Renmark

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