Core Values

At St. Joseph’s School we aim to create an environment of Respect, Safety, Learning and Trust, which is the mantrum that supports our core values. We are committed to providing a quality education and preparing students to be successful learners within a rapidly changing world. At St Joseph’s School we recognise the importance of teaching the students entrusted in our care about morals and values. Our core values underpin the management and teaching practices in our school community and we strive to live these out in our day to day interactions with others.

The St. Joseph’s School core values are:


  • Integrity: Being honest, fair, responsible and socially ‘just’.
  • Support: Supporting and caring for others.
  • Cooperation: Cooperating with others.
  • Acceptance: Showing acceptance, understanding and inclusion towards others.
  • Respect: Respecting others and acknowledging your own actions and responsibilities.
  • Friendliness: Being friendly and socially responsible.


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